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Lincoln Patio Doors

Dramatic styling and impressive functionality are the hallmark attributes that define our patio door collections. Lincoln's vast range of patio door offerings is sure to please architects, builders and homeowners by having just the right design element. Choose from a long list of eye-catching features such as personalized colors, virtually endless grill patterns and numerous hardware finishes-to name a few.

Function means manufacturing doors that slide, swing in, swing out or fold-away. Function also denotes a great deal more! We build standard and custom size units, offer creative panel configurations, radius swing doors, operating sidelites, utilize high performance glazing options, and even produce coastal rated products.

Sliding Patio Doors

Traditional Slide Patio Doors

Constructed with narrow stiles and rails, traditional sliding patio doors provide the most visible glass of all our door products. Slide doors continue to be a popular contemporary design for tighter spaces and are minimally invasive because an open panel simply covers the fixed portion.

Our easy to operate sliding doors have ball-bearing rollers, a large selection of hardware finishes and are available in standard or made-to-fit sizes. All Lincoln sliding doors are factory assembled.

Wide Stile Slide Patio Doors

No room for a swinging door! Then compliment your home with an elegant wide stile slide door from Lincoln. Our wide stiles feature more wood than a traditional slide door and become the perfect choice when using an alternate wood species.

Hardware finishes can be color coordinated with swing doors. Sliding doors have an optional footbolt for extra security. All Lincoln sliding doors are factory assembled.


  1. 4-9/16" jamb
  2. 1-3/4" thick panels
  3. 3/4" tempered insulating glass
  4. Interior wood glazing bead
  5. .022" stainless steel covered roller track
  6. .080 thermally-broken dark bronze extruded aluminum sill
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on panels and frame
  8. Integral screen channel

Swing Patio Doors

Our most comprehensive door category, swing products are widely used for nearly every type of project including new construction, remodeling and light commercial. Swing doors are versatile, long-lasting and design friendly.

In-Swing Patio Doors

Make a statement with Lincoln's most popular door product. In-swing doors blend with almost every architectural theme and they are incredibly stylish. Secure multipoint hardware makes a Lincoln in-swing door both beautiful and strong.

In-swing doors feature an optional 6-9/16" exterior extension jamb. Adjustable hinges are standard (residential) and ball-bearing hinges (light commercial) are available. Easy operating sliding screens feature extruded framing for superior strength.

Out-Swing Patio Doors

Lincoln Out-Swing door products are packed with performance and are the platform for StormPoint impact rated doors. Simply put, the operating sash of an out-swing door gets pushed tighter against the frame weatherstrip during nasty weather.

Also, by swinging to a buildings exterior this type of door will not create an interruption to your interior decor. Durable oak thresholds are standard. Optional ADA compliant (low profile) sills are available.

French Swing Patio Doors

A French style swing patio doors' most distinguishable feature is its ability to have both panels operate. Lincoln offers extremely functional in-swing or out-swing models that can be used for passing large objects through. An active panel operates as the primary operator and the passive panel need only be utilized when you want the entire use of the net clear opening.

Our strong three-point hardware system looks great, locks securely and is available with either a handle activated bolt or choose head/foot bolts (dummy handle optional). French doors are available in 2-wide or 4-wide configurations.

Radius Top Swing Patio Doors

Enhance your home with a little curve appeal from Lincoln. By utilizing a radius top swing patio door in your design, you incorporate a subtle accent that compliments almost any architectural theme.

The radius option, available in 6' radius only, can be used with both In-Swing and Out-Swing Patio Doors. Select your radius top option for a single door or use it with our factory mulled side-lite combinations for a more dramatic statement.

Whether viewed from the curb or inside your home, the gentle slope of our radius doors have lasting design appeal.

Mid-Rail Swing Patio Doors

Lincoln swing doors can be accessorized by adding a mid rail option. Rails may be added at any height and typically run horizontally. Additional divisions are made by adding a vertical rail. The spaces created then can be filled with an insulated panels or glass.

Mid rails can be specified in two sizes, 4 3/4 or 6 3/4, and may be used together on the same panel.

Panel Bottom Swing Patio Doors

A panel option door is defined by inserting a horizontal mid-rail into our swing door panel. This essentially creates an area that a panel may be inserted. Usually the panel is located on the lower part of the door sash. Rail location can vary which means panel sizes are customizable. Multiple vertical rails may be inserted on larger doors.

Furthermore, panels can then be subdivided into a double panel configuration by placing a mid-rail vertically. Door panels are insulated.

Operating Sidelites

Whether you need to add more light to a room, expand your view of the outdoors, or have the convenience of ventilation without the inconvenience of a screen on your door, Lincoln's new Operating Sidelites are the perfect solution.

These units are manufactured as an independent frame that can be mulled to a door or installed separately and are available with narrow or wide stiles.


  1. 4-9/16" jamb
  2. 1-3/4" thick panels
  3. 3/4" tempered insulating glass
  4. Interior wood glazing bead
  5. .125 pultruded resin coated fiberglass sill on in-swing doors, .050 exrtuded aluminum sill cover on out-swing doors
  6. Panel drip edge
  7. Full surround vinyl covered closed cell foam weatherstrip
  8. .050 extruded aluminum on panels and frame


The glass in windows and patio doors has the single largest effect on energy efficiency. Lincoln's standard insulated glass offering includes double strength glass combined with a warm edge spacer.

Overall insulated glass dimensions are 11/16" on double hung products. 7/8" on Casements & Awnings and 3/4" on the remainder of the product lines.

Available options include Low E, Bronze and Grey tint glass, solar tint glass, obscure glass as well as single glazing glass also may be combined with Low E for additional solar protection. Low E glass blocks a significant amount of UV rays, heat and cold transference and prevents fading.

For greater energy efficiency, argon is added to all Low-E glass units, at no cost to the customer, with the exception of those units requiring capillary/breather tubes. These units include, but are not limited to, glass 12" and less in width or height and units shipped over high elevations. Lincoln does not guarantee that the initial argon fill rate will be maintained over the life of the product. Argon depletion may decrease energy efficiency. For more information, contact your local distributor or Lincoln Wood Products, Inc.

Choose Lincoln's standard glass or a combination of the options for appearance, performance and comfort.