St. Albans Windows Manufacturing & Siding Company


Today, there are thousands of St. Albans Windows', Siding, and Doors in homes, condos, apartments, and businesses in the Tri-State area, with more being installed every day.

Thousands of people are enjoying the time-tested comfort and durability of our products in their homes.

Our products can take it and are built to last. St. Albans Windows' products have endured the icy winters and hot summers of West Virginia for years. And will continue to do so for many more years to come.

A family business established for 63 years, our aim is to provide a first class service with quality products to enhance your property.

Not only are our windows beautiful to look at:

These windows create a thermal barrier, which combines with the multi-cavity extrusions to produce a window with a continuous thermal break in glass, frame and sash. Little wonder that windows of rigid vinyl have become the first choice of homeowners everywhere. Today, the trend is towards vinyl away from wood, steel, and aluminum. And for good reason!