Patio Covers

Patio Covers

Why an Oasis® Patio Cover?

An Oasis® Patio Cover from Joyce Manufacturing Company is an excellent choice to enhance the usability of your outdoor space. Compare these features and benefits:

Everything Begins with the ClimateMaster® Compression Fit Room System

Patio Covers

Two Piece Mullion

The unique two-piece mullion system joins the roof sections together to create a gasket-like compression seal that will provide a lifetime of protection. The compression seal does the job, not the caulk.

Krystal Kote® Paint Process

Patio Covers

Extruded Gutter

  • Five times stronger than conventional gutters
  • Matches the look of the home
  • Carries heavy amounts of rain or snow
Flex Header

  • Adjusts to pitch of the roof
  • .090 extruded painted aluminum allows for longer span between posts
3" x 3" Post

  • .100 painted extruded aluminum
  • 10-20% stronger than a 4" x 4" post (depending on height)
  • Lifetime support of roof
  • Typical 12' x 12' cover requires only 2 posts