Home Testimonials

I will highly recommend your company to anyone. The installation went smoothly.

— S Hicks

Everyone said you were the best and they were right.

— E Presse

I always recommend your company. Most of my neighbors have your windows.

— Linda G

Reputable Company.

— B Sutphin

Numerous recommendations and a well established company in the community.

— P Fox

A1. Went beyond the call of duty.

— H T Hart

First and only estimate considered. Mr Russell Withrow convinced me of the quality and longevity…

— I Toler

Used them before. Because of quality and service. Want to support local business.

— S Horner

Old reliable company and previous dealings with this company at another church. Good work.

— J Mallohan

Good quality; excellent service; pleasant staff to work with; St Albans Windows always puts the customer first and guarantees their product and workmanship.

— D Rice Snr.

I have never been so pleased with the cleanup measures. You would never have known they were there except for the great new windows!

— S Foster

We liked the windows. We were not pressurized into buying and the windows were priced to where we thought we were being taken for a ride.

— D Browning

Talked to five or six other people that had St Albans Windows to install new replacement windows & all of them were very pleased & recommended St Albans Windows to me.

— T Lowry