Oasis Sunrooms


The Leisure Room® 3000

Joyce Mfg. Co. produces the Oasis® Sunroom. The sunrooms are available in vinyl (Leisure Room® Series) and aluminum. Vinyl sunrooms are our main seller as they provide many added benefits (go to Why Vinyl).

The Leisure Room® series consists of four models, Leisure Room® 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000. They range from seasonal to year round with many options. The choice and model would depend on your use, size, engineering conditions, and area you are located.

All Leisure Room® models are made of heavy duty extruded aluminum stiffeners completely encapsulated in solid virgin vinyl.


Vinyl Leisure Rooms® do not have exposed fasteners for a finished look on the interior.

Typical aluminum rooms have exposed fasteners throughout the room.

Typical aluminum rooms have exposed fasteners throughout the room.

All windows are fusion welded sash and mainframe. Both sashes operate and full screens are included. The design is complete with no visible screws for a finished look.

The aluminum rooms consist of the Admiral™ glass room and the screen room.

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